Company is managed by :

  • A V Siva Kumar (Post Graduate from Manipal Institute Of Technology, a NACE CIP III level certified)

Having good management skills , director guiding his team in completing the projects in specified time.
Has rich experience in inspection services both in TSA & organic coatings.

Suggested Vendor in ONGC for TSA Coatings.

Project Execution

A professional and highly experienced team to execute all types of projects, assisted by Qualified blasters and Metallizers (as per ISO standards), Painters, Certified Electricians, Mechanical operators along with semi skilled man power. All skilled personnel are also capable of repairing and maintaining the equipment.

Quality Assurance

An Graduate Engineer with NACE Level II Certificate having rich experience works in conjunction with the project team to achieve the highest quality in the work as laid down in specifications. Having amicable experience in handling the testing instruments, guides his team along with the project team in getting quality work.


A graduate with his vast experience in Safety and having various safety certificates leads the Safety department and guides the project team to complete their works in most safe manner.

Tie up with Perma-Pipe