Quality Policy

It is our policy to ensure a planned approach to continuous quality improvement in all aspects of our business with a view to achieving total customer satisfaction.

We will strive to exceed our customer's expectations by continuous quality improvement which will be ensured by setting quality objectives and will underline our commitment to producing consistently high standards of quality through effective leadership designed to improve creativity and innovation within the organization.

By enhancing both individual and team contributions to quality, we will endeavour to maximize positive impact and growth within our chosen markets.

HSE - Health Safety & Environment Policy

It is the PSCoatings(PSC) policy and belief that the Health & Safety of its personnel is of prime importance. During the pursuit of our business activities, we will strive to achieve and maintain the highest standard of Health & Safety of our personnel and of others involved with us and our activities at all levels.

All PSC employees have the right to a safe and healthy environment at their place of work. Environment is defined as the surroundings or circumstances of life.

It is the PSC belief that all our activities can be carried out successfully in safety. Therefore, it is the bound duty of all senior staff to ensure that all personnel are aware of and implement all necessary safety procedures.

It is also their duty to instill the discipline into their subordinates to carry the same. It is also the duty of the managers & supervisors to report on all hazards, accidents and injuries and to investigate the same to establish cause and corrective measures.

It is the duty of every PSC employee to acquaint himself with all aspects of safety involving himself and others around him and to implement the same. It is also the duty of all employees to report any potential health, safety and environmental hazards and or any ideas he/she may have to improve safe working practices.

PSC is determined to be a good neighbor and enhance local environmental quality. The Management of PSC and its employees commit themselves to active participation in the implementation of this policy. It is the duty of the company to encourage & provide the means of employees to carry out their jobs in a safe manner.

As a service company, we are often obliged to abide by our customers Health, Safety and Environmental Regulations.

Safety is a state of mind cultivated by training and supported by procedures.